I’m a singer/songwriter based in central Florida. I began my musical career as a vocalist/bass player in a bluegrass band in Upstate N.Y. In the ’90’s, that band, Tamarack, was selected to compete as finalists in the original Winterhawk festival band competition. The band produced one recording, “Northern Girl”. After a stint in a songwriting folk duo, with Gary Reynolds, and the release of  one recording, “Two Directions”,  I sold the bass, picked up a guitar, and left N.Y.  I rambled across the country, camping and attending major festivals. (Kerrville, Merlefest, Suwannee Springfest), practicing my chops, and trying out my original songs at open mikes.  My music, and warped sense of humor, was met with a warm reception in Florida, where my first “Florida” song, “The Last Frontier” was a finalist in the Will Mclean Songwriting Competition. The following year, I moved north of the border” to Georgia., where I began songwriting in earnest. In 1999 I won the Merlefest’s Chris Austin Songwriting Contest Gospel division with “Church Building”, a co-write with the great singer/songwriter Bo Jamison. The song was later covered by Nashville’s ” Tennessee Heartstrings Band” first release. In 2000 I won the Suwannee Springfest Songwriting Contest, with the songs “Little Sparrow”, and “Georgia’s New Spring Dress”, and was a finalist in Kerrville Texas’ New Folk Competition with “Fly Away” and Same Old Blues”. (“Georgia’s New Spring Dress” was later covered by the Tennessee Hearstrings Band on their second CD).  These songs, and others I wrote on the road, and while living in Georgia and Florida, were recorded on my first CD, “Paradise Motel”, which was released at the end of 2000. In 2003 I relocated to Florida, and continued writing and performing solo at festivals and coffeehouses. In 2004,  friend and fabulous Florida performer, Rochelle Morris and I joined forces as “The Retro Valley Girls”, a funky old time and rockabilly duo,  later adding another talented friend Valerie Fournier on bass and vocals. Although formally de-funk(ed) at present, the “girls” still get together for special events and giggling marathons. Some of my original songs included on compilations have been, “Mountain of Sorrow” Friends of Florida Folk Compilation “This is America”, “Paradise Motel” , Friends of Florida Folk 2001, “Fully Self Contained”, Live From Loch Haven”, “Storm of the Century”, Oasis Sampler, and “The Old Mobile Home Place”, Savannah Folk Music Society Sampler. I still reside in sunny Florida, performing, writing, and sitting in with friends, including the B Avenue Band. I’ve got lots of new songs, and I intend to record another CD……sooner or later, but the Paradise Motel remains my best seller!